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StraighterLine offers flexible online college courses more affordably than traditional colleges do. You can start earning your degree for $99 a month and $49 a course with us and transfer the credits you earn to any one of our accredited partner colleges or hundreds of other colleges and universities around the country. Why pay more when you can take the same courses for less at StraighterLine?

3 Ways to Get College Credit for Your Courses

StraighterLine has been touted as one of the most innovative college programs in the nation by Fast Company and The US Chamber of Commerce. The courses you take at StraighterLine qualify for college credit at hundreds of accredited colleges and universities in three different ways:

1. Accreditation With Our Partner Colleges

Accreditation is a standard that exists to assure students of the quality of an entire college experience, from professors to dorm rooms. Accrediting agencies only provide accreditation for colleges that offer full degree programs, and they do not offer accreditation for individual courses. With that in mind, you can rest assured that every one of StraighterLine's partner colleges is fully accredited and has examined each of our courses and approved them.

StraighterLine has partnerships with many accredited colleges that accept credit transfers for our courses. We guarantee that our accredited partner colleges will accept the courses you take through StraighterLine for credit toward your degree as long as:

  • You are enrolled in a degree program for which the course is a requirement or an accepted elective, according to that partner school's articulation agreement
  • You receive at least a 70 percent (C) grade in the course

2. ACE CREDIT Reviewed and Recommended College Courses

ACE CREDIT (American Council on Education College Credit Recommendation Service) is a private organization that helps review and recommend credits for courses and examinations that are outside traditional degree programs. With over 35,000 courses reviewed, they are the country's leading evaluator of courses, trusted by many different organizations to provide a reliable measure of course equivalency for credit award decisions. In addition to StraighterLine, ACE also provides course equivalency measurements for professional and volunteer associations, corporations, schools, labor unions, training organizations and government agencies.

All of StraighterLine's college-level courses have been reviewed and recommended by ACE for acceptance by more than 1,800 participating member colleges and universities in the ACE CREDIT network. Most of these schools should accept StraighterLine's courses as equivalent to courses that fit their degree requirements.

While every college and university makes its own decision to accept ACE CREDIT recommendations, most of them will accept StraighterLine courses for college transfer credit. Be sure to check with the college where you intend to apply to find out their policies regarding transfer credits before starting the application process.

3. Transferring Credits to another School or University

Even if the school you wish to attend is not part of the ACE CREDIT network or one of StraighterLine's partner colleges, it still may accept StraighterLine college courses for credit. You will have to talk to the college and ask them to review the courses and decide whether or not to accept them.

You can increase the chances of your StraighterLine credits being accepted if you let your target college know that:

  • StraighterLine college courses are reviewed and recommended for credit by ACE CREDIT
  • StraighterLine college courses appear in ACE CREDIT's national guide
  • StraighterLine is not a college and cannot be accredited
  • More than 300 accredited colleges and universities nationwide have reviewed StraighterLine college courses and accept them for credit

StraighterLine courses have been independently reviewed by many partner colleges and outside organizations and are accepted for credit at hundreds of universities and colleges around the country. Find out for yourself how StraighterLine can help you earn your college degree faster and more affordably.

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  • Nino Diaz
    Nino Diaz

    "Worked perfectly with my busy schedule... the price per course allowed me to avoid an incredible amount of student loan debt."

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    Ben Gribaudo

    "The courses I took probably cost me less than $40 per credit hour... Doing the math, StraighterLine saved me over $1,500!"

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    Jennifer Semien

    "StraighterLine is awesome... It's a no-fuss way of getting educated, of just getting on to the next thing and getting it done."

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    Lindsay Emo

    "I would definitely recommend it to other high school students wishing to get ahead, or to college students wanting to save money."

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    Sgt. Damian Baker

    "I believe StraighterLine courses are more thorough than most alternatives to earning college credits..."

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    "This course proved to be a perfect vehicle for me. It's a new day in American education and people should realize it . . ."

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    Charl Roux

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